Duck Blinds

Proper duck blind selection is critical to success when hunting any type of waterfowl.  There are many considerations when looking at the various types of duck blinds available.  Much of it has to do with the environment you’ll be hunting in.  Birds in general possess a keen sense of vision and are extremely wary when encountered so the correct level of concealment is a must.  While some may argue that good game calling is going to be a more important factor to focus on when after any waterfowl, remaining well hidden will allow you to have room for error and the ability to shoot unnoticed.  Let us take a look at the myriad of hunting blinds available for duck hunters that differ from the traditional ground blind.

Key factors for hunting waterfowl successfully:

  • Utilize your surroundings to create the ideal duck blind by incorporating brush and reeds
  • Carry a variety of quality game calls and experiment for best results
  • Remain as still as possible when birds approach
  • Keep dry and warm with waterproof fabrics and moisture-wicking layers

First, let us look at layout style blinds.  These tend to be used predominantly for hunting geese than any other species but have certain advantages that can’t be overlooked for other waterfowl.  They make a great choice for those hunting mixed groups of waterfowl where anything may fly overhead at any time.  When properly used in open fields, layout blinds have devastating results.  Comfort will be one of the most important features to consider when making your selection of layout style duck blinds.  Insulation from cold weather, waterproof materials, and padded bottoms and headrests will be worth every penny on a layout blind that you may be spending hours at a time in.  The secret of a layout blind is in the surprise.  When you throw it open and fire your shotgun, they will not know what him them!

Duck boat blinds are also very popular as they allow hunters to quickly reach a desired hunting spot in wetlands and conceal themselves, their dog, and their boats.  Rapid deployment is going to aid those who hunt from a boat blind because it gives the ability to change spots quickly with minimal downtime.  This can be quite critical to overall success in those pre-dawn hours before waterfowl are active.  Another feature of a good quality boat blind is the camouflage selection.  There are many patterns that are able to blend in with a variety of different surroundings such as heavy reeds and thickets of brush.  Also, an added bonus, is a blind that is large enough to allow for two or more hunters to work together and separate zippered dog doors will let multiple dogs work from the boat as well.

Another type of duck blind that is somewhat overlooked is the chair blind.  Chair blinds are not as popular with duck hunters because of their small size but can yield top results when properly utilized.  A good chair blind will have an adjustable roof for added concealment and protection from the elements.  Chair blinds can be deployed rather quickly allowing a duck hunter to change spots and get back to hunting with minimal downtime.  These blinds tend to be a perfect fit for solo hunter as they offer the top characteristics of larger duck blinds at a fraction of the weight and size.  Many features of a quality chair blind will include an attached comfortable chair and built-in dog door.

Several types of duck blinds offer the following advantages:

  • Layout blinds allow for the element of surprise when in the field
  • Boat blinds work well to conceal hunters, dogs, and boats
  • Chair blinds are perfect for individual hunters and their dogs

With all of the great duck blinds out there to choose from, it may take a period of trial and error to find one that works best for you.  At Best Hunting Blind, our reviews point out the similarities as well as the differences that make each type of blind unique so you can reach an informed decision faster.  Blind selection can be critical when hunting waterfowl so being armed with key information and making the correct choice before taking to the fields or wetlands will give you the best chance at success.

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