Sniper Treestands Alpha Deluxe Double Treestand

The Sniper Treestands Alpha Deluxe Double TreestandFixed ladder stands are starting to become the rage in hunting.  More hunters are looking for a tree stand that can be used for guided hunts or for filming a hunt and having a 2-person stand easily accomplishes this.  The Alpha Deluxe Double Treestand, by Sniper® Treestands, is a 2-person ladder stand with generous seating, platform space, and sturdy construction.  It features a padded seat, backrest, and shooting bar for comfort when rifle hunting as well as a folding seat to accommodate bowhunting.  Overall, this stand is not too large or heavy making it easy to transport and set up quickly.

Features of the Sniper Treestands Alpha include:

  • 17 foot height to top of shooting rail
  • Ratchet straps and adjustable support bar for stability
  • 2 safety harnesses with tree belt
  • Pinned ladder sections for easy field assembly

A mark of a quality ladder stand is in the construction materials and sturdiness of the stand.  When you are tree stand hunting, the last thing you want to experience is equipment failure.  The Alpha comes with an easy to read set of assembly instructions to help hunters get their stand put together successfully in no time.  The tree stand is well made featuring rigid steel construction and has several heavy-duty support gusset bars that provide extra stability.  When installing this stand onto a tree, it weighs just 85 pounds and can be managed easily by two hunters but is light enough to manage by one hunter.  Locking pins on the ladder sections help to make set-up and take down a breeze.

Another key feature to any ladder stand is the platform size and seating area and the Alpha has plenty of both.  The base platform measures a generous 44″ wide X 30″ deep and is easily accessed by flipping the seat up to accommodate bowhunters.  The large, padded 44″ X 13″ seat and backrest are quite comfortable for long hours in the stand and there is a padded cover on the removable shooting rail to please rifle hunters.  In addition to these features, there are a pair of gear pouches that act as a set of extra hands when you need to keep extra articles close by such as deer hunting calls, flashlights, or even a snack.

Sturdy construction, easy set-up, and generous space make this 2-person ladder stand by Sniper® Treestands a big hit.  The included full-body safety harnesses work well for most hunters and include a suspension relief foot loop to be used in case of a fall.  Pinned ladder sections will not come apart while using the stand and allow for easy set-up or take down even in low light conditions.  The large seating will easily accommodate a pair of hunters making this tree stand ideal for training purposes or filming a hunt.  Whether you are deer hunting or after any other wild game, the 2-person design will give near 360 degree views and allow for better comfort for a chance at success.