Eastman Outdoors Adjustable Height Blind

The Eastman Outdoors adjustable height wall blindThe Eastman Outdoors Adjustable Height Blind is ideal for hunting turkey and other wild game.  The compact overall folded size makes this blind extremely portable and easy to transport to any desired hunting location.  Within a matter of seconds, the blind can be deployed and with little effort, adjusted to a height between 25″ – 40″.  Weighing under 2 pounds, this blind can go anywhere making it perfect for treks deep into the woods.  This wall blind can be positioned around a hunter in several configurations to assist in your concealment and the Mossyoak Breakup 3-D leafy fabric will blend in with many backdrops.  Add a second blind and a pair of hunters could utilize full 360 degree viewing!

Key features of the Eastman Outdoors Adjustable Height Blind include:

  •  Poles can extend between 25″ – 40″
  • Measures just 25″ long when folded for transport or storage
  • 3-D Leafy material blends with surroundings

The true benefit of using a wall blind for hunting turkey and other game is that the lightweight, compact design makes for easy to transport.  This will allow for a hunter to quickly change locations if necessary and be set up to hunt again in a matter of seconds.  This kind of freedom will increase success for hunters as you are not bound to any single location for long periods of time like with traditional ground blinds.  The telescoping poles can be extending to an adjustable height giving a hunter flexibility of use.  Another benefit of the adjustment is that you can set the height shorter on the sides – useful if you’re hunting on a slope of a hillside.  For added concealment, a second wall blind can be used for 360 degree coverage or for accommodating more than one hunter – making it perfect for training novice shooters!

If you are a ground blind hunter, you will like the versatility that adjustable height wall blind provides.  For portability, nothing else comes close to a wall blind and the Eastman Outdoors Adjustable Height Blind is a home run.  This blind is very well made and features a 3-D leafy camouflage fabric that works well in any environment.  The telescoping poles offer hunters variable height control for added concealment in a variety of hunting situations.  Ideal for turkey, deer, wild boar, and other wild game, this blind is suitable for any hunting season.